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Coloradan Nichole Ayers Chosen For NASA’s New Astronaut Candidate Class

(CBS4) – NASA has selected a 32-year-old woman who calls Colorado home as one of 10 new astronauts as it looks ahead to the moon and Mars. The space agency on Monday introduced Nichole Ayers along with three other woman and six men during a ceremony at Ellington Field in Houston, home to Mission Control and the astronaut corps. (see more)

Welcome New Corporate Members

Caliola Engineering was founded by President Jennifer Halford to make distributed wireless security more accessible for demanding customers in national security and first responder markets. Pioneers in waveform customization and systems integration, Caliola is pleased to join CSBR.

Notes From The Chair

Greetings CSBR members and community! I am excited to continue to lead the Colorado Space Business Roundtable.  The CSBR Board of Directors and Advisory Board members are committed to connecting and advancing Colorado aerospace. Through our commitment we offer you opportunities to grow your business, network with individuals in all aspects of the industry, and become part of the strong network of support in Colorado.  

2020 gave us a new perspective on how we support each other as an industry, community and society. 2021 is showing some promise of light at the end of the tunnel, despite a rocky start. The news of the selection of Huntsville, Alabama as Space Command Headquarters was a shock.  Our Colorado Aerospace community, including CSBR, has banded together to challenge that last minute political decision and has been successful in demanding a review of the decision. We anxiously await the outcome of the review. Colorado’s US Senate representative, Senator John Hickenlooper, has been selected to chair the new senate subcommittee on Science and Space which is part of the US. Senate Commerce, Science, and Transportation. This news continues to support our state’s efforts to be a strong voice in the future policies of our United States space efforts. 

This year, we look forward to growing the Colorado aerospace community. Advancing the mission and business of space exploration throughout the state of Colorado is a key objective. This newsletter will be one part of this collaborative effort.  I hope you will enjoy the new format of our newsletter as new features such as business news, member profiles and job listings will encourage engagement in our community.

Engage, Connect, and Thrive!

Alires Almon
Chair, Colorado Space Business Roundtable

York Space Systems Opens Up New Manufacturing Facility

York Space Systems announced the opening May 19 of its new manufacturing facility in Denver, a key step in the firm’s campaign to expand mass manufacturing of small satellites.

Since York was founded in 2015, company leaders have shared their goal of making satellites more like consumer electronics, which tend to become increasingly capable and inexpensive thanks to miniaturization and mass production.

“This year, we will improve the performance and the price is going to come down,” York Executive Chairman Chuck Beames told SpaceNews. “Our platform is becoming much more capable.”

Ball Aerospace donates $100,000 to Hunger-Free Colorado

Ball Aerospace, a subsidiary of Ball Corporation, donated $100,000 to support Hunger Free Colorado’s COVID-19 pandemic response. This generous donation will support Hunger Free Colorado in helping the increasing number of Coloradans suffering from economic loss, as a result of COVID-19, by connecting them to nutritious food and crucial federal nutrition programs.

Welcome New CSBR Members!

Last year, Japanese company Astroscale announced its selection of Denver, Colorado as its US headquarters. Astroscale is one of the few companies in the world proposing to aid in the removal of orbital debris through the provision of End of Life (EOL) and Active Debris Removal (ADR) services.

We are now proud to welcome them not only as a member of the Colorado space ecosystem, but also as a new member of CSBR!

Avocet Communications, led by President Lori Jones, has come on board as our new communications partner. With over 40 years experience in the Colorado marketspace, Avocet bring a world of experience, energy and enthusiasm to CSBR and our brand. We look forward to working with them.