CSBR Black Lives Matter Statement

Three weeks in and a lifetime to go. 

Colorado and the nation have erupted (again) over the plight of a black man murdered at the hands of a white police officer.  What does that mean to Colorado Space Business Roundtable?  It means that we have work to do. CSBR and its members are working toward a vision of a society that explores the universe  and protects our home planet from harm.  That future is jeopardized when we don’t work on the bonds that unite us – our own humanity. The value of that humanity is grounded in the idea that we cannot tolerate racism in any form – period.

CSBR is an organization that supports industry, defense and academia. Each leg of this stool works to enhance life here on Earth with its unique skills and talent, knowing that our destiny lies beyond Earth, the Moon, and even Mars.  However,   we can’t get there until all members of our society have an equal chance to contribute and make the vision a reality. We know that diversity in all its forms (race, age, gender, sexual orientation, and culture) make for a richer talent base and the products we create are better for it. Each person is valued for their unique experience and talent that they bring to the table. 

Our board of directors represents companies of all sizes and from many industries — all committed to making their work environments open and diverse.  Many of them are part of the next phase our space exploration journey.  All of us were excited about the successful launch of US astronauts from American soil only a few weeks ago. It was a bright light that shone through the smoke that is clogging our vision on Earth. Like Apollo 11 launching in the midst of civil unrest, it was a beacon of hope for our future. Space exploration – in that it requires the bringing together of people have differences of experience, talents and different goals – is not easy.  It takes leadership to capitalize on the value that diversity engenders. 

Colorado Space Business Roundtable is committed to ensuring that our member organizations and individual members respect the value of diversity, seek out equity and ensure inclusiveness in the work that we do for our community.  We have to because there is no place for racism in the future we seek. Space exploration is a destiny that is calling, and no one can do it alone.  We cannot let institutional racism and inequity be the barrier that stops us, because there are so many other obstacles we need to overcome. We hope you will continue to be by our side as we look to the stars.  We can’t go back, only forward.

Alires J. Almon
Colorado Space Business Roundtable